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Food Exports

One-Stop Shop for Nigerian Food Exports

KORRELS HUB is a Nigerian company based in Lagos that specializes in exporting, trading, and supplying a variety of high-quality food products to clients around the world. They offer a diverse range of indigenous ingredients, catering to the growing global demand for unique and authentic flavors.

KORRELS HUB’s Product Portfolio:

  1. Sesame Seeds: A popular ingredient in various cuisines, known for their nutty flavor and rich nutritional profile.
  2. Hibiscus Flower: Used to make vibrant red teas and known for its potential health benefits like lowering blood pressure.
  3. Ginger: A versatile spice with a distinctive aroma and flavor, commonly used in cooking and known for its medicinal properties.
  4. Sorghum: A gluten-free grain gaining popularity for its versatility in various food applications, from flours to sweeteners.
  5. Cassava Leaves: A staple food source in many African countries, rich in vitamins and minerals, often used in stews and soups.
  6. Soybean: A valuable source of protein and essential nutrients, used in various food products like tofu, tempeh, and vegetable oil.
  7. Cocoa: Nigeria is a major producer of cocoa beans, a key ingredient in chocolate and other confectionery products.
  8. Gum Arabic: A natural thickening agent and stabilizer used in various food and beverage applications.
  9. Moringa Seeds: Gaining recognition for their potential health benefits, moringa seeds are often used as a nutritional supplement.

KORRELS HUB’s commitment to quality:

By focusing on sourcing and supplying high-quality ingredients, KORRELS HUB aims to:

  1. Support Nigerian farmers: They contribute to the local economy by working directly with farmers to ensure fair pricing and sustainable practices.
  2. Promote Nigerian food products globally: They help introduce the world to the unique flavors and health benefits of Nigerian ingredients.
  3. Deliver reliable service: They strive to provide clients with a seamless experience, ensuring timely deliveries and consistent product quality.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of authentic Nigerian food products, KORRELS HUB is a strong contender. Their diverse product range, commitment to quality, and focus on supporting local farmers make them a valuable partner for businesses and individuals seeking unique and delicious ingredients.

In summary, Korrels Hub exemplifies the transformative potential of agricultural technology in revolutionising food production systems. By embracing innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment, Korrels Hub is not only enhancing food security but also driving socio-economic development in the agricultural sector.

When you need high quality, organic agro commodities, Korrels Hub Limited is the reliable source. We guarantees that only quality certified, organic & GMO

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